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Coming to Rukararwe means not only to spend a wonderful holiday but also to participate, support the transformation of the local communities. With your visit to Rukararwe you support the following projects:



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Rukararwe offers absolute silence and relaxation.


Enjoy a holiday paradise for relaxing in perfect nature.


Rukararwe is located about 4.6 kilometres in a Village of Bushenyi Local Government Headquarters in Western Uganda. It has an amazing overview of the whole surrounding area and the hilly shaped landscape. Even the way leading up to Rukararwe will give you a taste of the beauty in which you will spend your holiday.


The extensive compound of Rukararwe is tastefully arranged. There are numerous places to enjoy nature around. This combination of beauty and relaxation is exemplified in the huts, which provide your accommodation. They are equipped in a simple traditionally African style but still provide western comfort. Get impressed by the idyll and let your holiday become an unforgettable Ugandan adventure.


The Ugandan experience is continued by our restaurant. Get the taste of local Ugandan food!


The nearby towns Bushenyi and Ishaka are small, but stocked with the essentials and are perfect for shopping and experiencing the African markets.


 Bird watching


One of the special activities you can do at Rukararwe is bird watching!


Rukararwe and the surrounding are the home of many bird species due to their unspoiled nature. Track all these birds directly on the Rukararwe premises especially in its artificial compound.


The district “Bushenyi” where Rukararwe is located, records one of the highest occurrences of crusted cranes, the countries national bird, in the whole of Uganda.


Get fascinated by the elegance of these birds.

A Malachite kingfisher spotted in the Rukararwe forest