Queen Elizabeth National Park

Come with us to the most popular savanna park in Uganda. During the short journey from Rukararwe to the Queen Elisabeth National Park of only 54 km, you will see the diversity of the Western Ugandan landscape. The route passes through the gorgeous and green landscapes of hills, peppered with swamps, the Igara tea fields, from which you will have a wonderful view of the National park.

Even before entering the park, you will see gazelles, monkeys as well as the occasional elephant and when you arrive you will find the landscape of the national park itself is no less inspiring. It is very variegated and ranges from savannah to densely bush. Queen Elisabeth is with 1,978 sq. km the biggest of the Ugandan national parks. It even crosses the equator. The park habits more than 600 bird species and 95 species of mammals including elephants, hippos, lions and Uganda kops.


What to do:

The park offers various possibilities for safari tours.
Our guiding staff is highly trained and they are well-schooled in the African flora and fauna.
We offer the following different safari tours:

Game Drive Day Safari

You will start from Rukararwe early in the morning to have as much time as possible in the park. This allows you to see different areas and their special flora and fauna
The diversity of animals presented in Queen Elizabeth National Park is what makes this safari special and our guide will be able to provide an insight into the wide variety of species of animals and plants you encounter.

The tour even includes a stopover with a good view of a salt lake where people win the white gold. Here you can make a coffee break or look around some souvenir shops.

Kazinga Channel Ride

A further highlight of a safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park is a boat ride on the Kazinga channel.
The Kazinga channel connects the Lakes George and Edward. You will start the tour which will take approximately two hours at the Mweya Lodge. From there you will head to the opposite shore of the channel and observe animals whilst drinking and cooling themselves. The boat remains at a safe distance to the animals, while still close enough to have the best possibilities of viewing.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park has the highest density of hippos in the whole of Africa, so you can be sure to see numerous hippos as well as Cape buffalos. Elephants also frequently come down to drink. Moreover, you are likely to encounter Nile crocodiles and Nile monitors bathing in the sun as well as a range of different birds, including kingfishers, herons and cormorants playing at the shore.
The Kazinga channel boat safari can be chosen on its own or combined with one of the day safaris.

The boats are waiting for you…

Wildlife Research Tour

This tour offers you the possibility to participate in ecological research. Learn about the methods of monitoring, locating animals, habituation calls and monitoring weather and surrounding. The results of the safaris are included in a research database to support the general understanding of wildlife ecology and help to conserve it.

Tours are taking one up to three hours depending on the specific package. The offers include mungo or lion tracking, hippo census and bird counting


How to get there

The park is located in parts of the districts Kasese, Rubirizi, Mitooma, Rukungiri and Bushenyi. It borders the Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Kongo in the West and the Rwenzori Mountains in the north. Located 54 km from Rukararwe our drivers will take you there and drive you around the park.

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