Rukararwe Partnership Workshop for Rural Development (RPWRD) is Model of how to live in this world in sustainability and solidarity. We are not perfect as nobody is, but learning from mistakes and encouraging one another.




We put a high value in sharing within the staff, between board, management and executive workers and with the people around as well as with our international partners.


Spiritual life


We practice holistic healing in counselling and medicine.
We are organizing partnerships with local partners like schools and parishes.
We have youth projects to give the young generation a chance to have a better future by giving them skills and giving them the chance to become jobmakers.
We know that education is the biggest power of development and the most important resource for the future so we support schools for orphans.


We see a high value in cooperation so we give many groups the possibility to meet and follow their aims in Rukararwe.


We want an open and sophisticated world this goal can just be reached with international cooperation to get to overcome prejudices and support each other.


Work in projects


One of our main goals is to protect nature with tree planting and workshops about environmental conservation.


Another part of protecting nature and ourselves we practice is herbal medicine combined with counselling and practised holistic healing in our griefing group. It is an alternative to the bad and expensive medical services around.


An area which is important for both environment and people is agriculture. As this is an area of a high impact we hold workshops about sustainable agriculture and have projects as zero-grazing and a group based cow or goat sharing to help every member to get wealth starting with one animal which is given around after getting a young one until every member owns one.


Rukararwe wants to give the women around a chance to participate in economic practices, we support a group of women in selling their handicrafts in a shop on the compound of Rukararwe. Also, we are educating young tailors to open a job perspective for these people.


The youth is the future and protecting nature is important for the future for all of us, so we are educating young people in jobs in the renewable sector as earth brick technology, construction of energy-saving stoves and installation of solar systems.


To bring the world closer together exchange is important Rukararwe has an eco-tourism project to make it possible. You can come in contact with the country, the culture and the people without the distance of usual hotel walls and car windows. Nature tours show you the beauty of the pearl of Africa while our cultural tours enable you to come in contact with the locals and the culture of ankole in an atmosphere of respect. Come to us to experience Ugandan hospitality while having an unforgettable holiday and doing something good in supporting our projects.


All this work has to become self-reliant and sustainable by sharing the
efforts and the costs within all participants and consumers.




Unity in Diversity!


Sharing and learning how to live:


  • in justice

  • Against the gap between rich and poor

  • against corruption

  • in peace, shalom, salam,…

  • in Understanding by listening to one another

  • in progress of reconciliation
    in protecting nature through tree planting holistic healing and being careful in love