Lake Mburo National Park

The Lake Mburo National Park is only 370 sq. km big making it the smallest of Uganda’s savanna National Parks. Its mosaic habitat is home to a surprising diversity of plants and animals. Some of those harboured animals are Zebras, Impalas, Buffaloes, and birds like fish eagles and comprising shoebill storks which are found nowhere else in the country. Its sculptured landscape with rolling grassy hills, rocky outcrops and an idyllic lakeshore has a varied combination of habitats: forest galleries, seasonal and permanent swamps, bushes thickets and rich acacia wood valleys which all support a wealth of wildlife. With our Uganda safaris and tours, you can see all of these attractions.

Lake Mburo is part of a 50 km long wetland system. It has 13 lakes connected by swamps, five of which are in the park.

What to do

Game drive Safari

Drive through the park with our experienced drivers and see some of the animals like zebras, waterbucks, red bucks and buffalos. The park is the only place in Uganda where you can find impalas and if you are lucky you may even see hyenas, a leopard or some giraffes. The park habits a small group of them but this group is growing fast as many young ones are born into it. You will find all of these animals in a unique and various landscape with thickets and acacia forests. The Lake Mburo national park may be one of the smallest but it is also one of the most beautiful ones.

Boat Cruise

One of the special activities which you can do in the park is a boat cruise on one of the lakes. Have a great view of the hills around, take a close look at the swamps where you will see many small, colourful birds in the papyrus grasses, watch the majestic fish eagles in the trees or while catching fish and see some aquatic animals such as hippos, all while listening to the story of the lake’s origin.

Bicycle tour

Lake Mburo is the only national park where you can do a bicycle tour. The tour with bikes offered from the park is guided by rangers and perfectly safe. Experiencing the park through this different perspective allows you to come closer to its nature and the animals and will provide you with your very own sports and wildlife experience.

How to get there

Lake Mburo National Park is located 30 km east of Mbarara, the biggest city of Western Uganda. Our qualified drivers can take you the 84 km from Rukararwe and drive you around in the park if you wish so.

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